Due to some unexpected time off from work thanks to a mandatory quarantine today I want to go over one of the more interesting roster’s in The Tabletop Simulator Season 3 league Top 4 that is currently going on and has had more success than I would have have ever given it a shot at having. The creator of this list is none other than Morgan Reid of the Strike Better Podcast.

Lets jump right into it and take a look at the characters in his roster!

  • Thanos
  • Infinity Gem: Mind
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Infinity Gem: Reality
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Kingpin
  • Okoye
  • Valkyrie
  • M.O.D.O.K
  • Wong

Taking a look at this list, if I was going to play it at 15 I’d probably go with the base option of Thanos with the mind gem, Corvus with the reality gem and Proxima. With Cosmic Portal as one of his abilities Thanos can easily pull a vulnerable character out of position for one of the heavy hitters to jump on and daze and this list keeps priority like no other you hopefully KO it with his leadership ability to jump on some easy victory points early and ease the VP swing the opponent my have gotten on you.

If we go up to 16 without hesitation I think I would drop the mind gem and add Wong to make up for the lack of the gem,, and upgrading Proxima or Corvus to a 4 or 5 point character isn’t worth losing the husband or wife combo activation in my opinion. Continuing with this train of thought, I believe 17 and even 18 threat are also easy choices with 17 being just adding Okoye and 18 being just adding Valkyrie. There are some unaffiliated options we could look at taking here that involved Kingpin and M.O.D.O.K but it felt really good at 17 just adding Okoye and 18 just adding Valkyrie when I played them myself.

At 19 points we really have two options, running our core 15 and adding Kingping or Okoye and Wong. Kingpin is just a solid model, he is just as survivable as Thanos and while he doesn’t hit as hard as the rest of the list, Thanos can let him hit as hard! While on the flip side adding Okoye and Wong gives us a wider list with more activations. Now at 20 we also have two options one of which is adding the bully known as M.O.D.O.K, the other of which is Valkyrie and Okoye.

Tactics Cards:

Taking a look at his tactic cards they seem to be fairly standard for what you would expect black order.

  • Advanced R&D
  • All You’ve Got
  • Blood to Spare
  • Execute
  • Field Dressing
  • Medpack
  • Mothership
  • Climbing Gear

We have medpack and field dressing for healing and removing and unfortunate daze. advanced r&d for passing power around. Climbing gear gives the list access to some movement ability that lets them ignore terrain that they don’t have innately as well. Then you get into the real jewels for Black order. Mothership, I wasn’t real high on this card when it was spoiled and I play tested it a few times, it seemed expensive at four total power across two characters, but with no range restriction and just getting to be placed with one of the other as long as they don’t have an objective taken. This can make for some fun plays with the husband and wife that your opponent isn’t expecting if you have the power on them and they are separated due to securing objectives, or an unfortunate daze the previous turn. Blood to spare plays off of that very well, if you do get that daze you get to spend three and then make an attack possible generating your power back before gaining that daze token, and although we haven’t seen anything that heals for black order yet, this leads me to bet we will see something down the road. AMG did a good job future proofing this card. Execute, plays off the husband and wife combo letting the spend power for a big attack that an enemy rolls no defense works very against pesky targets that are hard to crack like Black Panther. Last but certainly not least we have all you’ve got, this card can be an absolute game changer letting you activate any of the black order characters twice in a turn except Thanos when he has a gem is devastating. Then the possibility of field dressing them and you not having to worry about losing them to the daze effect of the card can not be understated.

Crisis Cards:

  • Demons Downtown! Has our Comeuppance Come Due?
  • Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnesses
  • Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0
  • Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown!
  • Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction?
  • Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership

At first glance these crisis cards are for the most part all fairly slow. This plays heavily into allowing Black order to wear their opponent down and play the attrition game which in this list is really what you are trying to do. I’ve heard mentions that Black Order struggles on D missions? The Extremis consoles is an interesting choice but with the mothership tactics card there appears to be a solid game plan here that I obviously don’t know about. Overall it looks like he is trying to play a very slow game and wear the opponent down by attrition and take the opponent to turn six and win that way. I do love the Demons downtown pick and the alien ship that gives the high end threat choices for both secures and extracts then a seventeen and a fifteen in both secures and extracts. I don’t believe black order cares to much about whether they choose extracts or secures so I would be choosing which ever hurt you opponent more. If they benefit more from choosing secures I’d definitely take that away from them or extracts. I personally would probably want to play either Demons or Skrulls if I got to pick every time but that isn’t going to happen.


This list is extremely flexible for being as seemingly inflexible as Black Order appears on the surface with their high points cost. Morgan has piloted this list into the top two now is will be playing in the coming days to see who is crowned the champion of the Season 3 league currently being run through Tabletop Simulator.

I’ve personally played this roster in three matches now. Learning the list can be rough but some highlights I’ve found. I kind of like playing Black Order on D shaped maps, they aren’t as bad as some people seem to think. The amount of control Thanos with a mind gem brings to the table can catch a lot of opponents off guard and can win you games when you pull characters from mid board into your deployment area. Redeploying with mothership can save games. Blood to spare is a huge part of the game plan with Corvus, especially if you can pair it with a death blow.