Today, I’d like to discuss with you all, a subject matter that as of recently, has been extremely volatile. M.O.D.O.K. This 5 threat model, seems to have caused all kinds of rampant discussion amongst the community as of late. There is was a thread going on in the official AMG moderated group with 250 comments and still growing a few days ago, as to whether or not he is over powered or not. Well in the competitive community, it is fairly well established that point for point he is one of if not the best model in the game. In this article I’m going to talk to winners of past TTS leagues as well as the top 4 of the current TTS league to get their thoughts on how they deal with the ever present threat that is M.O.D.OK.

I’m going to quote a current Top 4 player in the online TTS League who made the following statement to me when discussing M.O.D.O.K recently.

“Aside from the fact most competitive players agree he is too far above the power curve for a 5 threat, it now loos like he is going to compound his OP problem with newly found access to Pentagrams in Defenders. With Defenders having priority he teleports mid-board before opposing players can activates and double attacks to statistically daze most characters in the game before they even activate and they are on their deployment line!

If that isn’t bad for new player growth/OP combo then…Well… i don’t quite know what is! That and those bloody turn 1 herb scoring plays with toad now. AMG needs to sort their testing out!”

The question comes up does the player base feel that AMG should retroactively come back and nerf models? After having said they have no plans to ever place a character on the banned and restricted list? Something to think about. While I talk to these players and get an idea of how they deal with him. I asked each of them the same question. When you are playing against M.O.D.O.K how do you go about playing against him? Below are each players responses, some answered very in depth others are short and concise but they all echo the same basic principals when dealing with this power house of a character.

First up I went to the winner of Season 1 of the TTS leagues Sooner5. He played an aggressive Wakandan list in season 1 beating out Sploosh who was playing a cabal list that featured guess who Our favorite big brained problem child! Here are his thoughts on dealing with M.O.D.O.K.

Sooner5: My main game plan when facing M.O.D.O.K. is trying my best to control him with board positioning, pushes and throws, and staggers if possible. If I can I will try and pick a scenario that doesn’t favor him like a D scenario. The last thing I do is try to daze/KO the rest of his team. If I can get an advantage by killing the rest of his team then it is a challenge for the M.O.D.O.K player to stay in scenario.

The second player I wanted to talk to was the winner of season 2 of the TTS leagues, Pat Dunford co-host of the popular Across the Bifrost Podcast whom is seen as the Cabal guru by quite a bit of the community. His matchup was unique in that it was almost a mirror match in the finals between two cabal players and featured two M.O.D.O.K.’s He was quite a bit busier and didn’t have as much time to write a long response but echoed the same basic concepts the other respondents said.

  • Pushes
  • Conditions not applied by wilds
  • Crisis selections (D maps) & ignore him
  • Focused damage to take him out

I then went and talked to the four players currently playing to be called the best overall in the current season of the Tabletop Simulator League in Season 3. Utility Cookie, Esmond, Raptornest, and Morgan Reid, they echoed a lot of what Sooner5 and Pat said previous while also adding a lot of their own thoughts on the subject matter.

  • Conditions not applied by wilds
  • Displacement
  • Kill the list around him
  • Spread out Scenarios Specifically D maps

Another interesting option that was brought up by Morgan Reid of Strike Better Podcast, that he has been having a tremendous amount of success with on his way to a Top 2 spot currently is with Thanos and his Cosmic portal displacement. Mr. Reid also brought up a great point that generally you want to identify in your oppenents list a threat level that it is going to be hard to fit M.O.D.O.K into. This is going to lead to harder choices for your opponent that if they do bring him you are going to have a easier time killing the list around him and snowballing the scoring into your favor.

Some characters that were mentioned at various points in conversation with everyone mentioned in this article that they feel play well into M.O.D.O.K. in no particular order.

  • Thanos with Mind Gem (Displacement)
  • Thor (Conditions and Displacement)
  • Corvus with Reality Gem (1v1 potential)
  • Shuri (displacement)
  • Loki (1v1)
  • Valkyrie with Blind Obsession (1v1)
  • Magneto (1v1)
  • Dr. Strange (displacement, conditions, 1v1)

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, just a some thoughts on how to deal with him. The meta is constantly evolving and will most certainly evolve as we get closer to the release of the X-men. Prior to the Season 3 league many thought that Black Order was very weak and couldn’t hold a candle to what people considered the top affiliations of Wakanda. Here we have Morgan Reid proving everyone wrong and sitting a single win away from being the Season 3 champion. Till next time.